We have the complete set up for design, execution & quality control of any roofing projects assigned to us.

Right from conceptual design, structural design detailing of any type of roofing projects is undertaken by us. All designs will be done after preparing a complete mathematical model of the structure. Space frame configurations are generated using Formian & AutoCAD, analyzed using STAAD III and designed using Working Stress or Limit State Method as per requirement. All functional requirements listed below will be taken care of

  • Slope & Geometry
  • Drainage
  • Gutter
  • Fascias
  • Provision for Electrification & air conditioning



Quality control
At each stage of progress of work, quality is ensured by our engineer

We have a dedicated and trained team which takes care of the complete execution of the project. We constantly update our databank as regard to availability and price of steel and roofing materials. Purchase of material is done only after quality confirmation.

We have sufficient tools and machineries to execute the work. Our trained workforce are capable of manufacturing space frame components for covering 20000m2 area per month. Our specialists in errecting see to it that the frames are in position even if the site condition wont permit them to use cranes.

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