The company was formed in the year 2000 by a group of civil, structural and mechanical engineers based in Kerala, India. The company was later on registered as a Private Limited company in 2010. FORMEXX have completed many significant & magnificent projects in different sectors such as industrial, educational, charity, sporting, commercial, aviation, metro etc. by now.

We are experienced structural engineers involved in the construction of steel and industrial structures. Our specialization is in long span structures that do not require intermediate columns. We oversee projects from conceptual design to construction and project completion. and we oversee projects from conception. Our solutions are carefully planned, cost effective, and timely.

We have undertaken and completed more than 1,000 projects. Our strength lies in the design and commitment we offer. We utilize the advantage of space frame technology to provide versatile roof designs customized to suit the client requirement.

Our strength

We are capable of manufacturing space frame components for covering 20000m2 area per month . Out of our 120 trained work force, 40 are specially trained for on-site manufacturing which allows us to manufacture the space frame components at the site itself. If the erection is not possible by cranes due to the restrictions, we have specially trained khalasi erectors to undertake the erection of the structure under the supervision of graduate engineers.

Let’s work together

We’re always looking for new opportunities and are comfortable working internationally. Please get in touch and one of our project managers will contact you about beginning the proposal process.